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trellises are an elegant way of bringing change to your garden today. Having that change that creates an ambience of functionality and flexibility is essential for garden owners. It is with this reason that we consider providing the best services as pertaining to trellises in the market. Our diverse experience and expertise ensures that you will gain beauty and convenience in our products. You can get to us through 800-346-0765 for details.



At The Trellis Guys, we take it upon ourselves to become reliable to our customers by not only updating them on their orders but also ensuring that we are reachable when they need us. Our ability to customize typical features to exquisite sites has defined our position in the industry. The Trellis Guys has become a renowned company because we provide what our competitors cannot.


Positive Ratings

We not only appreciate uniqueness but relate well with every detail that our clients bring to the picture with an aim of realizing a great view. The transformation that comes with our services is commendable as evidenced by the many referrals we have received from our existing customers. As such, we have been able to grow beyond our current location and are now enjoying commercial orders from well-known companies. Simply call us today on 800-346-0765 and get yourself a beautiful trellis never to regret.

Give us a call at 800-346-0765 and get your design at no cost.

Economic Friendly

The Trellis Guys has its priority set on durability too as it proves how long our clients will enjoy our services. This immense capability to perform beyond what our competitors are offering has stationed our wagon at the top of the game. Not only that, we provide premium products at a much cheaper price. We consider affordability as an important aspect in raising our sales over the years. Realizing the economic trends today, we have managed to keep fit and remain relevant despite others closing down. It is within our prospects that we deliver to the fullest. Contact us today by calling 800-346-0765 for details on discounts and our affordable services.

High -End Expertise

We have met many clients who procured the services of other companies in the name of cheaper services only to find out that their trellises were built with substandard materials. This, we have managed to minimize by educating the public on the beauty of investing in quality but affordable. The Trellis Guys has a great team of professionals that are mandated to provide expertise in all our products. We have been able to handle residential and commercial orders with no frails. This is because our talented professionals are not only reliable but are provided with safe and optimum environment to work with. These factors have motivated them to build their intellect and ability in customization. As such, we developed great variety in styles, designs, color, primary materials and size. It is our goal to ensure that once you pay as a visit, you never miss anything that will fit your budget and successfully satisfy you. Call us today and get yourself the best deal ever for an optimum product in the industry today.

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  • img Materials impervious to water
  • img Ease of installation
  • img 7 year warranty
  • img Own production